Tony the Lion Full Kit



Measuring 230 x 215 mm, Tony is the face of a lion originally designed for the Lady Anne Needlework Festival in England.  Their request was for something that included ‘heraldry’, hence the hint of Tudor roses in his mane.  Suitable for experienced embroiderers, like all of Hazel’s projects, it is diverse and interesting and if you find the stitches and techniques challenging, read about our online dictionary at the bottom of the page, or click here to find out more.Using DMC stranded, satin, Diamant and Special Dentelles threads, Preciosa crystals and glass pearls, and Miyuki beads, this project features a large variety of stitches as under:

  • Embroidery: 21 stitches/variations
  • Bead Embroidery: 4 techniques/stitches
  • Needle Lace: 3 variations
  • Needle Weaving: 4 patterns

Kit Contents

This project is only available as a full kit and includes the following:

Pattern and Print:

  • full instructions and diagrams, stitch guide and colour images of the original work;
  • the line drawing screen-printed in light blue ink onto Natural coloured 45/55 cotton/linen fabric.
  • The ink is indelible

DMC Threads Pack:

  • Skeins or part skeins of stranded: 009, 326, 370, 372, 437, 498, 738, 739, 779, 3371, 3781, 3790, 3860, 3861, 4145
  • Part skeins of satin: S472
  • Bobbins of Diamant: D3821
  • Bobbins of Special Dentelles #80: 437, 739, 3348, Ecru
  • Bobbins of Mettler Machine embroidery thread: 2108+

Bead and Crystals Pack:

  • Miyuki beads: 15⁰ 1631, 15⁰ 4249, 8⁰ 2035
  • Preciosa flat back crystals: 20ss smoked topaz AB
  • Preciosa glass pearls: 2 mm cream

Needle Pack:

  • Embroidery needles: sizes 7 and 10
  • Tapestry: size 26
  • Bead embroidery: size 10 or 11

Dictionary of Stitches and Techniques

In this dictionary you will find video clips of all the stitches and techniques used in this design.  Along with each video clip on the tuition page there is a downloadable and printable document that gives you step-by-step written instructions with illustrations.  Click here to read more about it.

When you order this dictionary, our website will email you the access document to the private domain where you will find this dictionary.  If you order it with the full kit, your kit will be shipped to you but the access document will still arrive by email.  This is because you will need to click on the link provided in the document which will take you to the tuition page.  Which you can do manually but, when you get there, you will be asked for a password and that’s not so easy to type in.  I’ve had lots of fun making up the passwords and you will need to copy and paste them into the little box that asks for the password.  It will be all but impossible to do it any other way.

The website will also email a template document.  On this document are all the templates that were used in the stitching of the techniques and stitches in the video clips.  You will be able to print the document and trace the templates onto a doodle cloth using a light box, or whatever method you prefer.

The intention of this video dictionary is to provide you with as much instruction as is possible, without physically being in the same room as you and teaching you in person.