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Product Description

Product Description

This 2-lesson project class was originally put together for the Lady Anne Needlecraft Festival which was changed to an online event because of 2021 Covid lockdowns.  It is now available to the general stitching public but you can expect to find specific references to the Festival.  This won’t detract from the information and footage that you need to complete this project using the online workshop to guide you.

The package includes a full kit.  Once we receive your order, we will ship the full kit and to you email the access details to the private domain so that you can work through the workshop at your leisure.

The two video lessons work together with the instruction booklet and also, the stitch clip videos which appear on the tuition page, after the two video lessons.

In the lessons, I talk you through each part of the project in the same order that I described it in the booklet. As you work through each lesson, you will be able to stop the video, access the stitch video on the tuition page, watch that (work it as you are watching, if you want to), and then return to the lesson to continue. 

The workshop includes stitches and techniques as under:

  • Embroidery: 21 stitches/variations
  • Bead Embroidery: 4 techniques/stitches
  • Needle Lace: 3 variations
  • Needle Weaving: 4 patterns

Kit Contents

This project is only available as a full kit and includes the following:

Pattern and Print:

  • full instructions and diagrams, stitch guide and colour images of the original work;
  • the line drawing screen-printed in light blue ink onto Natural coloured 45/55 cotton/linen fabric.
  • The ink is indelible

DMC Threads Pack:

  • Skeins or part skeins of stranded: 009, 326, 370, 372, 437, 498, 738, 739, 779, 3371, 3781, 3790, 3860, 3861, 4145
  • Part skeins of satin: S472
  • Bobbins of Diamant: D3821
  • Bobbins of Special Dentelles #80: 437, 739, 3348, Ecru
  • Bobbins of Mettler Machine embroidery thread: 2108+

Bead and Crystals Pack:

  • Miyuki beads: 15⁰ 1631, 15⁰ 4249, 8⁰ 2035
  • Preciosa flat back crystals: 20ss smoked topaz AB
  • Preciosa glass pearls: 2 mm cream

Needle Pack:

  • Embroidery needles: sizes 7 and 10
  • Tapestry: size 26
  • Bead embroidery: size 10 or 11