About Us

hazelHazel Blomkamp is, first and foremost, a lover of great big slobbery dogs and is surrounded by them.  This is why any embroidery that she ever does and indeed, any designs you find on this site, are fully washable.

She has dabbled with all the needlecrafts since childhood. When her children were babies she developed a passion for embroidery to break the tedium of life with toddlers, using it as her evening reward for having got through the day with her sanity intact. Her children are now adults and she still embroiders in front of the television every night, with a team of Boxer dogs lying at her feet.

She has been designing for the past 25 years. Preferring to design projects which appear to be traditional, she pushes the boundaries by introducing other forms of needlecraft into traditional techniques, exploring further in everything that she does.

Along with designing, she runs a busy website from home. She travels throughout the world teaching embroidery having passed on her knowledge and passion for her art in places as diverse as South Africa, Australia, Canada, Zimbabwe, England, France, Ukraine, Russia and even on cruises down the Mekong River spanning Cambodia and Vietnam.

She is a regular contributor to embroidery magazines both home and abroad and has written five books, all of which can be found on this site.