About Us



The Creative & General Dog’s Body

Hazel designs the embroidery, writes the instructions, writes the books, makes the tuition videos, works up the online classes, determines what the kits should include, administers the website…….. and so on.  When things are hectic or someone is sick, she helps with those jobs too.  The buck stops with her and she can be contacted on info@hazelblomkamp.com.



Manufacturer, Quality Controller and General Dog’s Body

Pat overlocks the fabric blocks, winds the bobbins of special threads, casts a beady eye over everything that’s being packed to make sure it’s up to scratch and being an expert quilter, formulates and makes wonderful rag books to display the embroidery originals.  She also mucks in when things are hectic, doing any other job that needs doing, provided it doesn’t involve a computer. 



Manufacturer & General Dog’s Body

Zandile watches the stock and if packs are getting short, she packs more.  In fact, she packs most of the kits with help from the rest of us if things are hectic.  She also cuts the fabric blocks and backing for printing, tells me what to order in, makes coffee for us, cleans the studio and if there happens to be a litter of puppies, she cuddles those too – because she is, like the rest of us, a true dog lover.



Order person, Stock controller, Data-base Updater and General Dog’s Body

Andrea is the person who switches on her computer every morning to see what orders have come in, gets them together and gets our couriers to arrive at our gate to fetch them.  She also keeps the data-base up to date so that we can be sure we don’t run out of anything.  Like everyone else, she mucks in, doing other jobs when things are busy and she can be contacted on orders@hazelblomkamp.com.

And not forgetting…

Lily, Monica and Gladness


Security Staff

Lily and her daughter, Monica are the armed response team that keep us safe, alerting us to delivery and collection vehicles arriving at our gate, telling us when there are monkeys jumping and chattering on the roof, or large birds on the back lawn. 


Gladness, the African rescue dog helps a bit but not that much because she is of a nervous disposition.



Demolition and Entertainment

Donald, our special needs Boxer with a hare lip, will eventually take his place in the armed response team but for now, he is a demolition expert,  a weapon of mass distraction and plays in the mud every time he gets the chance.  His main function is to keep us entertained while we work.

and Duke


Big boy, Duke joins the security staff in the mornings.  He comes to work with Andrea because he would rather play with the mad Boxers than stay at his home.