Online Dictionaries for Dummies

When you order a full workshop, a project stitch dictionary or a mini-workshop from our website, you will automatically receive an access document from our website. It will be listed in the invoice that our website sends you. It will be underlined and you should click on it.

When you do that, a page will open in your browser and when that happens, you might not know where to go from there.

By clicking on the link below, you will be taken to page that sets it all out for you.

Online Dictionaries for Dummies

Read through this and you’ll see how simple it all is.

Worth noting is that all of these full workshops, dictionaries and mini-workshops work best on a standard size computer screen (laptop or desktop), a smart TV, or a tablet.  From my own experience, if I open a video clip on my large studio monitors, they are too big and become blurred.  A lot of the high resolution is lost.  A smart phone is too small.

You will find all of our online products by clicking on the link below.

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