Ordering Information

To order from this site, you need to register a user account.

When registering that account you need to provide the following:

  • Your full name
  • Your physical shipping address.  That is, not a post office box number but a street address.  We do not use the post office, our parcels are delivered to your door by courier.  Please be assured that our courier company gives us rates that are as good as, and in some cases, better than the post office.
  • You must provide us with the correct postal code for your shipping address.  
  • If your bank card is registered at an address that is not the same as your delivery address, provide us with that in the boxes that ask for your billing address.
  • We are required by our couriers to provide a daytime telephone number, in case there is an issue with delivering your parcel.  It can be landline or a mobile phone but please make sure it is correct.
  • You will need to fill in a user name and password.  Security on this website is set high because we do not want your details to be compromised.  To this end, it is advisable that the password you provide should contain letters in upper case, lower case, numbers and symbols.  So, for example, if you were to take the word “stitches”, it might look something like this: $t1Tc#3s.  

We realise that many of our customers are ‘ladies of a certain age’ who are not naturally inclined to technology.  If you have tried and it’s not working for you, please email us at info@hazelblomkamp.com.  We will help you.  

We accept all major bank cards through our payment platforms:  Payfast and Paypal.

What do the packs and kits contain?

In order to keep the cost of our kits and packs low, we do not force you to order a full kit.  Instead, we divide the packs into specific categories as under:

Print Packs:  These packs are provided for designs that appear in any of the books written by Hazel Blomkamp.  They contain the line drawing of the design screen printed to size on the same fabric that was used to embroider the original piece.  All fabric blocks are backed with cotton voile and overlocked around the edges.  It is important to note that they do not come with instructions.  Hazel’s contracts with her publishers stipulate that whilst the packs can be made available to customers, they should not contain stitching instructions as these are to be found in the relevant book available on this website or through other booksellers. 

Pattern and Print:  These packs are to be found on the Studio Designs page of this website.  They contain the line drawing of the design printed to size on the same fabric that was used to embroider the original piece.  All fabric blocks are backed with cotton voile and overlocked around the edges.   In addition to the printed fabric, they come with a book of  full stitching instructions, diagrams, a stitch guide and colour photographs.

Materials Packs:

  • Thread Pack:   These packs contain full skeins of all of the stranded cottons used in the design.
  • Special Threads Pack:  These packs consist of bobbins of perle, dentelles, satin, metallic and indeed any thread that is not a straightforward DMC stranded cotton.  In each pack you are provided with more than enough thread to complete the project.
  • Beads and Crystals Packs:  These packs contain all of the beads and/or crystals required to complete the project.   As with the special threads packs, you are provided with a generous amount of each bead or crystal, always enough to complete the project.
  • Needle Packs:  In a neat little needle book, these packs contain all of the needles that are recommended for each project.  They are good quality John James needles.
  • Additional packs:  In some instances, a project requires for example, a batting pack, a stumpwork pack or some other additional pack.  These packs are listed where required.

Full Kits:  If you choose a full kit, you will receive all of the materials required to complete the chosen project.  As noted above, if the design is one that is published in one of Hazel’s books, you will not receive the stitching instructions.  Those are to be found in the relevant book.  If you have chosen one of the Other Designs, you will receive the instructions.

How to order kits and packs:

Once you have chosen which design you would like to stitch:

  • Click on that design. 
  • When the page for that design opens, click on the kit type – that’s the white box that says ‘choose an option”.
  • Choose the pack you would like from the drop down menu and the quantity you want to order in the box provided for that.  Click “add to cart”.
  • If you require more than one pack type, click on each one and add to cart individually.
  • Other products – beads, threads, tools, gadgets – are fairly straightforward.

Shipping Information:

All of parcels are shipped to you by Aramex Couriers.  Find out more about shipping, both domestic and international, group orders to save shipping costs and that dreaded old thing, import duties, by going to the Shipping Information page.