Online Workshops for Groups and Guilds

  • The workshops shown below are available for Groups and Guilds.
  • Click on the title below the image for information relevant to the workshop.
  • You can choose a prerecorded workshop or one that involves live Zoom sessions with Hazel.
  • All project and teaching kits are supplied from our studio.  These are shipped to a designated organiser well in time for the start of your online workshop.  Click here to read about group bulk shipping information.
  • Students’ requirements include hoops or frames, small scissors, magnification (if necessary) and of course, an internet connection.
  • Whilst the device students use to access the workshops is up to each student, a smart TV, a laptop/sound enabled desktop computer or a tablet is advised.  The screen of a smart phone is too small.
  • Participants in live workshops should register a Zoom account.  This doesn’t cost anything, it just gives them a sign in capability.  Before the start of the workshop, participants must make sure that they know how to use Zoom and that their settings are suitable for the task at hand.   This may require the assistance of a computer technician or, at the very least, a teenage boy.
  • We require notice of your intention to do a group workshop so that we can book the dates and also, make sure we have sufficient kits available.
  • To set about organising an online workshop for your Group or Guild, please send an email to

These are the workshops that are available at the moment.  There will be more added from time to time.

  • If there is a particular workshop that you want to do and it doesn’t appear on this page, send an enquiry to us at
  • Most of the designs that are available on our website can be turned into workshops.  These can be found in the kits section of our website.   Click on the link and navigate from there.
  • If you find a particular design that you would like to do as a group, send an enquiry to us at  If it is possible to provide that design as an online workshop, we will do that with sufficient notice (a few months).