Lots and Lots of Lace full kit



Designed as a needle lace (for embroidery) online masterclass, this sweet pomander is also available as a full kit without the accompanying online class.  If, however, you are not confident with needle lace techniques you should consider the online class (for a small additional fee).  If that is the case, you should order from here.

Contents of Kit:

Pattern and Print

Full instructions, diagrams, stitch guide and colour images of the original work.

The line drawings of the 12 patches that make up the pomander, screen-printed in light blue ink onto 2 pieces of Natural coloured 45/55 cotton/linen blend fabric.

The ink is indelible.

The size of the completed pomander has a diameter of 80 mm.

Thread pack

Skeins of DMC stranded cotton:  2 x ECRU, 1 x 3782

Special Dentelles: 2 balls Ecru

Silk Ribbon: 1 metre of Di van Niekerk Hand Painted Ribbon 134

Bead Pack

Miyuki beads: 2 grams 15⁰ 594, 6 grams 11⁰ 577, 2 grams #1 bugle beads 2442

Needle Pack

1 x size 9 embroidery needle

1 x size 10 embroidery needle

2 x size 9 quilting (sharps)  needles

2 x size 10 quilting (sharps)  needles

2 x size 11 bead embroidery (sharps) needles

1 x Chenille needle


200 mm cream satin ribbon

50 grams polyester stuffing