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Most people would admit to a primal fear of snakes and I am certainly one of them. They are nevertheless beautiful animals and whilst not a common embroidery subject, are worthy attention. Let’s not forget that they did often feature in the Jacobean Tree of Life designs from centuries past. This project measures 270 x 215 mm and constitutes a wide variety of surface stitches.

Print Pack
Linen Drawing screen-printed in Light Blue ink onto 45/55 Cotton Linen off white blend. Ink is indelible.

Materials Pack :

DMC Thread Pack

  • Ecru
  • 644
  • 814
  • 815
  • 816
  • 822
  • 3781
  • 3782
  • 3865

Special Threads:

  • Finca Perle #12 Balls: 4000
  • DMC Diamant D140
  • Madeira Metallic 424

Bead Pack:

  • 2 g packs Miyuki Beads
  • 15°003
  • 15°592
  • Flatback Crystals 20ss Smoked Topaz AB
  • 2 mm Preciosa Glass Pearls
  • Copper Lined Crystal

Needle Pack:

  • Size 7 Embroidery Needles
  • Size 10 Embroidery Needles
  • Size 24 Tapestry Needles
  • Size 11 Bead Embroidery Needles

Please Note:
These packs do not include instructions, which are to be found in Hazel’s book, Crewel Creatures at https://www.hazelblomkamp.com/product/crewel-creatures/