Gladness the Giraffe Online Workshop


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This is a 4-lesson prerecorded online workshop.

If your guild or group would like to do this online workshop, click here to read about how to organise such an event.

This design features in Hazel’s book, Crewel Animal Portraits.  It measures 280 x 200 mm and is worked with an interesting variety of embroidery stitches and techniques, with the focus of the design being an unconventional method to create the patches of the hide.

Because of publishing contracts, participants will be required to own a copy of the Crewel Animal Portraits book to access the written instructions.  If you do not own the book, it can be ordered from this site by choosing it in the dropdown menu marked ‘kit type’.

The project includes the following techniques:

Embroidery Stitches

Backstitch (whipped)

Blanket stitch (striped)

Buttonhole stitch (layered)

Chain stitch (reverse)

Colonial knots

Fly stitch

French knots

Long and short stitch

Outline stitch

Satin stitch

Split and split backstitch

Split/Chain Stitch Combination

Trellis couching (basic)

Trellis with cross stitch couching (shaded)

Trellis Couching with Cross Stitch Filling

Vermicelli couching (2-tone)

Twisted couching

Random Freestyle Embroidery including:

  • 3-petal lazy daisy bud
  • 9-petal lazy daisy flower
  • Buttonhole circle
  • Buttonhole bud
  • Buttonhole flower
  • Eye stitch variation
  • Ox head stitch
  • Sheaf stitch

Single weaving filler stitch

Bead Embroidery Techniques

Caged Crystals

Using stranded cottons and Preciosa crystals, the project is worked on a natural-coloured cotton/linen blend that has been backed with cotton voile.

The project kit includes everything needed to complete the project as under:

Print on natural coloured cotton/linen blend


  • 22 skeins DMC stranded cotton solid colours
  • 4 skeins DMC stranded cotton variegated colours


  • 1 pack Preciosa flat back crystals

Needle Pack

A teaching pack is included

Each stitch or technique is provided in video format on a template. A sheet of templates is provided for the workshop and should be used to learn the stitches or techniques before working on the project.  In addition to the templates, you will be provided with a teaching pack.  The teaching pack consists of a doodle cloth and a range of threads and beads for use while learning.  This means that you will not have to use threads and beads from the project pack.

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