JAC 26 – Tumbleweeds 2


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Product Description

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Using embroidery and bead embroidery stitches, along with needle lace and needle weaving techniques, the original of this design is the second of a set of three that will ultimately be mounted in a table top. This design explores the use of needle lace techniques further than most previous designs, combining stitches and incorporating ribbons and cords to add interest.

Finished Size is 245 x 245 mm.

Suitable for experienced embroiderers.

Contents of packs are as under:

Pattern and Print Full instructions, diagrams, stitch guide and colour images of original work.   The JAC 26 line drawing screen-printed in light blue ink onto Natural coloured 45/55 Cotton/Linen fabric.   The ink is indelible.  

Thread Pack   1 each x DMC Ecru, 315, 316, 640, 642, 822, 3021, 3726 and 3727; 2 each x DMC 644, 3022 and 3023.

Special Threads Pack   1 each x bobbins DMC Perle #12: 822 and 642; 2 each x bobbins DMC Perle #12: Ecru, 644 and 778; 2 metres Di van Niekerk Hand Painted Silk Ribbon: 2mm no. 32

Bead Pack   2g 15⁰ 594, 2g 15⁰ 1630, 4g 11⁰ 577, 2g 11⁰ 650, 2g #1 2442, 1 x 10-pack 34ss Light Burgundy AB Flat Back crystals

Needle Pack   1 x Size 18 Chenille Needle, 2 x Size 7 Embroidery Needles, 2 x Size 10 Embroidery Needles, 2 x Size 24 Tapestry Needles