Creative Crewel Full Kit


Ordering Notes:
This website is structured so that you don’t have to order a full kit if you don’t want to. Choose the various components or packs, adding them to the cart one at a time. Scroll down to the product description to see the contents of the packs. If you want a full kit, order all of the packs.

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Product Description

Using traditional embroidery stitches, bead embroidery and needle lace and loom weaving techniques modified for use in embroidery, each section of this large crewel inspired flower is as interesting as a mini-project.  Available as a full kit, it is also available as an online workshop which will include the full kit.  If you would like to also do the workshop, order your kit from here.

Contents of Kit

Pattern and Print

  • Full instructions, diagrams, stitch guide and colour images of the original work
  • The line drawing of the design screen-printed onto Natural coloured 45/55 cotton/linen blend fabric
  • The ink is indelible
  • The finished size of the design is 200 x 200 mm

Thread and Special Threads Packs

  • 13 skeins of DMC stranded cotton, solid colours: 223, 224, 647, 818, 924, 926, 927, 3051, 3052,  3053, 3354, 3721, 3722
  • 2 skeins of DMC stranded cotton, variegated colours: 4065, 4500
  • 6 bobbins DMC perle#12 thread: 223, 927, 928, Ecru (x3)
  • 1 bobbin Superlon beading thread: ash

Miyuki Bead Pack

  • 6 packs size 15⁰ beads: 198, 459, 4250
  • 2 packs size 8⁰ beads: 459

Needle Pack

  • 2 x size 7 embroidery needles
  • 2 x size 10 embroidery needles
  • 2 x size 26 tapestry needles
  • 2 x size 11 bead embroidery needles