Animal Portraits

Animal Portraits – Jacobean Embroidery gets a Face


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Product Description

South African Edition

Format: Paperback | 164 pages

Dimensions: 260 x 195 mm | 661 grams

Publication date:  25 March 2022

Publisher: Hazel Blomkamp

Language: English

Illustrations: 153 colour

Photographs: 209 colour

Publication Country: South Africa

This book is the South African edition of Animal Portraits.  The world English edition will be published by Search Press in August 2022.  When that edition is published, it will be available through the normal channels and we will publish a variety of links for your convenience.

  • Another book of animals from renowned embroiderer, Hazel Blomkamp.
  • Stitch six faces, all beautiful and exotic animals inspired by the wild life of Africa and Asia
  • Includes a fully illustrated gallery of essential stitches and techniques with clear diagrams and instructions
  • Every project comprises step by step instructions, gorgeous photographs and a template of the design

Another a celebration of Hazel’s signature techniques: a wide variety of surface/crewel stitches, some of which are brand new and many with a different take or different ways of combining stitches to make them more interesting.  Most interesting in this book is the use of freestyle stitching to depict the stripes, patches and spots typical of these animals.  They provide an interesting alternative to more traditional long and short stitch shading.

Also included are needle lace techniques used as embroidery stitches, loom weaving techniques modified for embroidery, and unique combinations of both of these. The incorporation of beads and crystals adds even more dazzle to the intricate designs and there are a number of new bead embroidery stitches that are used. There are six projects, each explained with detailed step-by-step instructions and clear photographs, with design templates and a full stitch gallery providing everything readers need to recreate them with ease.






Embroidery stitches
Needle lace stitches
Needle weaving patterns
Bead embroidery stitches
3-Dimensional bead embroidery

Barry the Tiger
Neville the Lion
Bob the Monkey
Frank the Zebra
Gladness the Giraffe
Brenda the Leopard



About the Author

HAZEL BLOMKAMP has taught, designed and written about embroidery for about 30 years.

Based in South Africa, she is the author of Crewel Twists, Crewel Intentions, Hand Stitched Crazy Patchwork, Crewel Creatures and Crewel Birds along with two stitch guides – Needle Lace Techniques and Needle Weaving Techniques. She has also collaborated on Freestyle Embroidered Mandalas with Di van Niekerk and Monique Day-Wilde.

In addition to the above, she regularly contributes to Inspirations Magazine, their Passion for Needlework books and more recently their publication, The Design Collective – Pincushions.

Other than running a busy website from her home studio, she travels internationally to share her knowledge and promote her work. She is regularly invited to teach at international conventions. Her teaching has taken her to Australasia, Eastern and Western Europe, North America, Asia and of course African countries.