Animal Hide: Stripes



This tuition video shows you how to create the stripes on animal hide as used in the Frank the Zebra project in Crewel Animal Portraits. It has been formulated with trellis with cross stitch couching and fly stitch as an alternative to long and short stitch shading.

As you watch the stripes develop, it provides interest and satisfaction.

The 29 minute video tuition clip is filmed in high resolution with voice over instructions to guide you through the learning process.

Purchase it now and you will be sent the link and password to enter the private domain where you will find this video instruction.

Because of publishing contracts, all stitch diagrams and directions are to be found in Animal Portraits, a book by Hazel Blomkamp. If you do not own this book it can be found on our main wesbite.

Just click on this link.

It can also be found on most regular online bookstores, or your local bookshop.