Dictionary of Needle Lace Techniques for Hand Embroidery


Product Description

In this online dictionary you will find detailed video instruction for:

  • 23 numbered needle lace stitches
  • 4 beaded needle lace stitches
  • 4 needle lace edging patterns
  • 3 needle lace filler patterns
  • 4 extra and interesting needle lace stitches and patterns

These video clips, that vary in length, give you up to half an hour of stitch instruction for each technique or pattern, starting with the back stitch anchor stitches, continuing through the body of each stitch and finishing with attaching the lace at the bottom (or outside) of the pattern.  From these videos you will be able to see how to form the stitches, how to pull for through to achieve the tension you need and how to hold your work to achieve the best results.

You are also provided with an index of the stitches that are featured along with a downloadable template on which to practice.

Most of the stitches in this dictionary appear in Hazel Blomkamp’s book, Needle Lace Techniques for Hand Embroidery.

This book is available on Hazel’s website here or is available as an e-book here.

Once you have purchased access to this dictionary, you can go back as often as you like for as long as you want, working through to achieve this fascinating technique that adds so much to not only creative crewel embroidery but also stumpwork and indeed, just about any kind of surface embroidery.