Battlement Couching



Battlement couching is a variation of basic trellis couching and because of the way in which it is worked, the threads of the layers weave together at the intersections.  It is an interesting stitch that gives the illusion of 3-dimensional cubes and is ideal for filling large areas.

In the video clip on the tuition page, the technique is worked with perle no. 5 threads on a 36 mm diameter circle with grid lines that are spaced 5 mm apart.  Instructions are provided on the tuition page and there is also a downloadable and printable PDF document with the same instructions and illustrations as well as a template for the working sample.

The 15 minute video tuition clip is filmed in high resolution and is accompanied with voice over instructions to guide you through the learning process.

Purchase it now and you will be sent the link and password to enter the private domain where you will find this video instruction.