6-Bead Flowers (left-handed)



Used in many of our projects, the 3-Dimensional Beadwork Flowers are worked using off-loom bead weaving techniques.  Most of them are worked with peyote stitch with the odd extra little stitch here and there.

On all of the 3-dimensional beadwork elements tuition pages you are provided with general points that are worth reading and worth noting before you start to experiment with these delightful small elements.  These provide general information on the beads, the thread, the needles and tension.  On each page, there are specific points that relate to the particular element described on that page.  In addition to those points, you are provided with clear, step-by-step diagrams for each stage in the construction of the element.  All of this information is provided on the tuition page and is also available as a downloadable and printable PDF document, the link for which is on the tuition page.

There are two video clips on the page.

The first clip is a little over 30 minutes long and guides you through the making of the element, bead by bead and stitch by stitch.

The second clip is 20¼ minutes long and guides you through attaching beaded elements to the fabric.  You are shown how to attach flowers, leaves and buds along with the addition of flower centres, stamens, twigs and small buds.

Purchase it now and you will be sent the link and password to enter the private domain where you will find this mini-workshop.