Vyesna Prishla


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Using embroidery stitches and beads, the original of this design has been mounted in a small mantel clock. Suitable for intermediate to advanced embroiderers. Contents of the packs are as under:

Print Pack:
The Vyesna Prishla line drawing screen-printed in light blue ink onto a 45/55 Cotton/Linen Off-White blend. The ink is indelible.

Materials Pack :

Thread Pack:

  • 1 each x DMC 152, 221, 223, 224, 225, 322, 334, 561, 562, 563, 564, 676, 3722, 3828, 3829, 3847, 3848, 3849, 3866 stranded cotton (or their Anchor equivalents);

Metallic Threads Pack

  • 1 bobbin each x DMC E301, E436, E677, E3849 Light Effects metallic thread.

Miyuki Bead Pack:

  • 2g x 15⁰198
  • 2g x 15⁰1424
  • 2g x 15⁰1883

Needles Pack :

  • 2 x Size 7  Embroidery Needle
  • 2 x Size 10 Embroidery Needle
  • 1 x Size 26 Tapestry Needle
  • 2 x Size 10 Bead Embroidery Needle

Please Note:
These packs do not include instructions, which are to be found in Hazel’s book, Crewel Intentions at http://hazelblomkamp.co/shop/details/22075161999 on this website.