To Crown It All

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Product Description

Pattern and Print

Full instructions, diagrams, stitch guide and colour image of original work.

The line drawing of both crowns screen-printed in light blue ink onto winter white 45/55 cotton/linen blend fabric.

The ink is indelible.

Dimensions of each crown: 190 x 120  mm

Thread Pack (skeins)

1 each x DMC stranded cotton 676, 943, 154, 3828, 167, 777, 677

Rayon Threads S943, M1077 (x2) or equivalents

Special Threads Pack (bobbins)

DMC Diamant D140, D168, D3852

Madeira Metallic #40 424

Mettle Machine Embroidery Thread 2108, 2701

Rajmahal Narrow Silver Check Sadi

Bead Pack (packs)

2 g Miyuki 15° 11

2 g Miyuki 15° 17F

2 g Miyuki 15° 457L

4 g Miyuki 15° 462

2 g Miyuki 15° 3

6 g Miyuki 15° 553

2 g Miyuki 8° 11

2 g Miyuki 11° 577

1 pack 34ss Amethyst flat back crystals

Needle Pack

2 x Size 10 Embroidery Needles

2 x Size 7 Embroidery Needles

2 x Size 10 Bead Embroidery Needles