Split Fly Stitch Combination



This combination of two stitches is used to work some of the black stripes in Frank the Zebra in the Animal Portraits book.  There are stripes, particularly on the side of the face, that start narrow – no more than a single line – then widen into a wider stripe and narrow down to a single line at the bottom of the face.

In the video clip on the tuition page, the small sample is worked with 2 strands of perle #12 thread for the sake of clarity.  It is worked on a single line which widens in the middle and narrows back to a single line at the base. On the project, it is worked with 2 strands of stranded cotton.  Instructions are provided on the tuition page and there is also a downloadable and printable PDF document with the same instructions and illustrations as well as a template for the working sample.

The sub-4 minute video tuition clip is filmed in high resolution and is accompanied with voice over instructions to guide you through the learning process.

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