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Needle Lace Stitch no. 01 Corded


Product Description

Needle Lace stitch number 1 corded is a fairly solid needle lace variation and is used throughout our range of embroidery designs, most often in the bodies of insects.

Work through this video clip using first, a 25 mm diameter circle with perle no. 5 thread. Then, when you are satisfied that you are beginning to understand the concept, particularly the tension, you work more circles using finer and finer thread – first perle #8, then perle #12 and even Dentelles #80.

Once you have worked through the stitch using the diagram and instructions, in tandem with the video clip on the tuition page, you should be in a position to use this stitch in your embroidery projects, or use it as a springboard towards trying more complicated needle lace stitches.

The 11½ minute video tuition clip is filmed in high resolution and is accompanied by voice over instructions to guide you through the learning process.

Purchase it now and you will be sent the link and password to enter the private domain where you will find this video instruction.