JACOBEAN 15 downloadable embroidery pattern



This pattern includes a colour image of the completed project, a full list of materials needed to complete the design, comprehensive instructions with images or diagrams, and a full stitch guide.

It also includes the line drawing as a JPG file.

This is the pattern that needs to be traced onto the fabric.  It is the size that was used in the original embroidery and should be printed onto an A3 size page.  Most people don’t have an A3 printer in their homes and it is therefore my suggestion that you save the file on a USB stick and take it down to your nearest print shop where you will ask them to print it at 430 mm high x 280 mm wide.  The file is saved at that size so it shouldn’t need adjustment.

Should you wish to change the size, you are welcome to do so, but please bear in mind that the stitches in the instructions have been worked on this size.

Once the payment process has been completed a link will automatically be sent to the email address that you have registered in your account on this website. You will need to click on that link to save it to your hard drive, from where you will be able print it.

Please respect copyright by printing only one copy.