Crewel Work with a Twist 1 Online Workshop


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Described in detail with expert advice and clear footage, this online workshop covers a range of techniques and stitches particularly those that are unique to Hazel’s twist on Crewel Embroidery.  Watch the video clip below to get an overview of the stitches and techniques covered.  Then scroll down to read a detailed list of what to expect. 

Lesson 1:  Long and Short Stitch Shading

This lesson gives detailed instruction of how Hazel does long and short stitch shading.  It’s a bit different to how most people are taught this stitch and may be useful for anyone who has battled with this technique up to now.

Lesson 2:  Getting to Grips with Needle Lace Techniques

This lesson covers basic needle lace techniques for use as embroidery stitches as well as completing the needle lace worked on the actual project.  There is extensive footage and voice over explanation of how it is done, what the pitfalls could be, how to increase and decrease, and how to finish it off at the bottom.  Two of the basic, more simple stitches are used to help you get to grips with this technique.  (More advanced needle lace stitching will be featured in the next workshop to go online on this site).

Lesson 3:  Perfecting Satin Stitch, along with Beaded Fly Stitch, French Knots and Outline Stitch

Satin stitch is covered with useful advice to perfect this often difficult technique.  This lesson makes a start on simple bead embroidery along with one or two other useful stitches.

Lesson 4:  Needle Weaving

Divided into two video lessons, part 1 covers the basics of needle weaving whilst part 2 shows you how to work the first of the needle weaving patterns in the project.

Lesson 5:  Layered Buttonhole Stitch, more Long and Short Stitch, Padded Satin Stitch, Trellis Couching, Beaded Backstitch

This lesson covers an interesting way to work buttonhole stitch, gives you more long and short stitch, takes you a bit further with satin stitch which in this instance, is padded.  Then it goes onto the always popular trellis couching followed by more simple bead embroidery.

Lesson 6:  Interlaced Chain Stitch and Vermicelli Couching

This lesson shows you a wonderful way to play with chain stitch and then goes on to cover Vermicelli couching to create the background for the project.

Lesson 7:  Continuing Needle Weaving and Needle Lace, Diagonal Long and Short Stitch Shading, Finishing off

In lesson 7 there is more basic needle weaving instruction with one more pattern to work onto your project, another needle lace pattern, slightly more complicated than the one covered in lesson 2 and more long and short stitch shading, this time working it diagonally.

In addition to the video lessons, the package includes written instructions, a document with specific advice and tips for long and short stitch shading, needle lace and needle weaving, and a stitch gallery.

Whilst it does not come with a full kit (because of covid 19 lockdown our screen printers are not operating at the moment, so we can’t print on the fabric), there is a full list of materials required (listed below).  The line drawing is included in the written instructions with full guidelines for transferring it onto your fabric.

Materials Required:

If you are unable to source the Dentelles threads, beads and suitable fabric in your country, we have put together Specials Threads & Beads, along with fabric packs.  Order the pack by choosing the item in the dropdown men above, and we will ship them to you.


  • 250 x 250 mm cotton or linen fabric, colour Natural;
  • 250 x 250 mm cotton voile off-white or cream;
  • An additional piece of stable fabric, similary back with cotton voile to use as a practise piece.


  • Size 10 embroidery needle
  • Size 8 embroidery needle
  • Size 26 or 28 tapestry needle

DMC Thread:

 Stranded Cotton
  • ECRU Ecru
  • 208 Very Dark Lavender
  • 209 Dark Lavender
  • 210 Medium Lavender
  • 211 Light Lavender
  • 335 Rose
  • 367 Dark Pistachio Green
  • 368 Medium Pistachio Green
  • 369 Light Pistachio Green
  • 761 Light Salmon
  • 818 Baby Pink
  • 899 Medium Rose
  • 3032 Medium Mocha Brown
  • 3781 Dark Mocha Brown
  • 3782 Light Mocha Brown
  • 3790 Ultra Dark Beige Grey
Special Dentelles #80
  • ECRU Ecru
  • 210 Medium Lavender
  • 368 Medium Pistachio Green
  • 369 Light Pistachio Green
  • 3326 Light Rose
Perle # 12 thread

Ecru and one other, contrasting colour

Miyuki Seed Beads Size 15°

  • 5F  Matte SL Dark Topaz
  • 556 Dark Rose SL Alabaster
  • 574 Lilac SL Alabaster
  • 1630 Semi Matte Moss Green


  • 7” or 8” hoop for the project
  • 6” hoop for practising
  • Sharp scissors
  • Thread conditioner
  • Magnification (optional)

Tracing Materials

  • Depending on how you choose to transfer the line drawing onto your fabric you will need either chalk paper or a light box and a writing implement, my choice being the blue Pilot Frixion pen.  A washout pen or a pencil could also be used.

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