Beaded Snowman


Product Description

For the bead worker that has a reasonable knowledge of off-loom bead weaving, this pattern is fun to do. It is advisable to use the recommended beads and crystals so that the pattern works out.

To make the snowman you will need:

1 x 20 mm clear plastic bead

1 x 15 mm clear plastic bead

2 x 4 mm fire polished beads, colour jet

48 grams 11° clear seed beads, colour transparent crystal

2 grams 11° red seed beads, colour silver lined medium red

1 gram 11° orange seed beads, colour crystal colour lined neon orange

White C-Lon or Nymo Beading Thread

Red C-Lon or Nymo Beading Thread

1 x silver coloured fishhook ear wire

250 mm (¼ yard) Accu-flex® beading wire

1 x 2 mm silver coloured cut tube crimp

Size 10 long beading needle

Bead mat or tray

The pattern includes a colour image of the completed project, a full list of materials needed to complete the project, comprehensive instructions with images and diagrams of the beadwork. Once the payment process has been completed a link will automatically be sent to the email address that you have registered in your account on this website. You will need to click on that link to save it to your hard drive, from where you will be able print it.

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