3 Dimensional Beadwork Flowers Online Workshop



Product Description

This workshop covers the beadwork flowers featured in Hazel’s Crewel Creatures book and in Clive the Chameleon published in Inspirations Magazine.

If you have been scared to attempt these flowers, or if you have tried and failed, this workshop is what you have been waiting for.

The 12-bead flower, the 10 bead flowers, peyote stitch leaves, stamens and twigs, all stitched onto fabric within a bead chain stitch oval surround.

Described in exquisite detail, bead by bead with informative tips along the way, the workshop is divided into four video lessons, from threading the first needle, through all of the 3-D elements to stitching onto the fabric and attaching the elements everything has been covered in easy to view footage with voice-over explanation throughout and includes downloadable written instructions, presented in Hazel’s normal detailed style.

Materials Required:


12-bead flower: 

2 grams size 11 Delica beads colour 1014 – metallic thistle luster

10-bead flower: 

2 grams size 11 Delica beads colour 1451 – SL pale cream opal

Light green leaves: 

2 grams size 15°  beads colour 4273 – SL willow

Dark green leaves and additional for bead chain stitch, twigs stamens, etc: 

4 grams size 15°  beads colour 459 – metallic olive

Additional beads for twigs, stamens, etc.

2 grams size 15°  beads colour 2006 – matte metallic dark bronze

1 gram size 11° beads colour 577 –  butter cream gold lined alabaster

Beading Threads:  C-Lon AA (or Nymo D)


Ash (or beige)



Size 11 Sharps or size 11 Beading


200 x 200 mm (8 x 8”) natural coloured cotton/linen blend fabric

200 x 200 mm (8 x 8”) white/off white cotton voile


Soft beading mat

Sticky bead mat (optional)

6” embroidery hoop

Thread Magic thread conditioner

Under normal circumstances, we would send you the kit. But, like the rest of the world, we are in Covid 19 lockdown and unable to send out anything (our regulations are draconian). I do know that in the rest of the world you are at least able to do online shopping. The list below is an indication of where you will be able to get the beads and threads in some countries.

Australia:  Allthreads Embroidery, Brisbane or email Kerryn at [email protected]  I have spoken to her and she knows exactly what you will require.

New Zealand:  Ribbon Rose in Auckland or email them on [email protected]

United Kingdom: The London Bead Company

United States: Caravan Beads in Portland, Maine.

The only thing that is important is that you should use size 11 Delica beads for the flowers and size 15 beads for the leaves (Mill Hill petites are a good alternative for the size 15 beads).  The size 11 bead is the same size as a normal Mill Hill bead.  Whether you use C-Lon thread or Nymo is immaterial, provided it is the finest thread in either of those ranges.  You can use any medium weight linen or cotton for the base fabric and, of course, you can choose your own colours.

Register now and you will be sent the password to enter the private domain where you will find everything you need to get going.