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A Quickie And A Chuckle

In my blog post on the 22nd of September, I said that I would be bringing out a little book of needle weaving techniques and that I would tell you when it was ready and available.

It’s here. Darren fetched it from the printers a few hours ago and they have done a fabulous job, it’s so nicely put together.

I’ve also got a bit better at the whole editing, designing thing and it is far nicer than the needle lace book – not that there was anything wrong with the information in that book, but this one is cleaner, crisper and generally more handsome.

So there you go. It’s got 42 different needle weaving patterns, along with a good first chapter on how to needle weave, the best needles and threads to use, how to read the patterns and so on and so on for a whole lot of pages. You’ll find it here on our website.

All this means that, as the first print run of that needle lace book is almost finished, I’m going to be doing a second edition with all of my new-found book designing knowledge and skill!

Also mentioned in the last post I did was the set of three Jacobean designs, called the Tumbleweeds set. I said that the second one was on its way.

That kit is now ready and on our website. You’ll find it here. The third one is yet to come. It’s about halfway and I’ve been distracted by an owl that I designed. More on that another day.

I now have all of Ivan’s photos that were taken for my new book, which is scheduled for publication early next year. Any photos that I take (and most people, for that matter) do not do embroidery justice but Ivan somehow makes it look even better. Wish I could do that. I’m going to be writing about it very soon, I hope in the next week or so.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with what we’ve been chuckling over in my studio this week.

Yup, my idiot Boxer.

And if you think he looks uncomfortable, you would be wrong. Shortly after that he feel asleep in the same place.

It is why no one will ever be able to convince me that Boxers are not the greatest dogs in the world. They make me laugh every single day.